“Healthy” New Years Promo items

Happy New Year! With the new year comes a rush of New Years Resolutions that most people will; with the greatest intentions, fail to keep to by February 1st. Maximize the initial excitement with products that both encourage health and fitness, and have other uses! Here are our recommendations:



This is a really helpful tool to encourage more activity, for a more useful item this pedometer includes a flashlight and a 95 DB siren so even if your customers don’t continue to count steps, they can still use it for security on those dark nights.

Infusion Water Bottle


Initially your clients can keep their good intentions by adding fruit to their water. Come February first, they can use it to add cherries to their coke or make other delicious soda concoctions. Seriously though, drinkware is a popular choice year-round, so adding this healthy twist to an otherwise ordinary item is bound to be a winner!

Blender Bottle set


Beef up post workout with a healthy protein shake. Or add ice cream, caramel and candy to make yummy milkshakes!

Yoga Mat Set     


Your clients can pretend to enjoy stretching themselves in awkward positions for an hour. Then they can give it to their kids to use as a play doh mat, or they can use it for their dog. Seriously. These make great crate liners and also if you are transporting your large breed dog, lay the yoga mat on the seat and your dog won’t scratch it up!

Sport Duffel Bag


A perfect option, this sport duffel bag can be used both for carrying sports items or whatever your clients want. At 17″ it is not too big and not too small and will have a variety of uses.


The possibilities are endless when you think about alternative uses for products. Most of these suggestions are silly, but the point is that you need to keep in mind how your clients will use the products you give out- the more your items are used, the larger your exposure. By all means get in on the post-Holidays health craze, just try to make sure your items are going to be used and loved in the months thereafter!








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