Calendars – Still a great promotional item!

Promotional calendars are the fourth most commonly purchased promotional item in the US, and for good reason. Even in this digital age, many people still choose to have a calendar close at hand and if your business logo is on their calendar, you are getting year round exposure of your brand. There are many different types to choose from, and below are our favorites from the traditional to the unique.

Wall CalendarEFCJF-HZFJO

This is the most common choice as it is the calendar that most people prefer to use. Whether it is hung up on the office or at home, your name will be seen by anyone who walks by, maximizing your exposure.

Be sure to choose attractive images that will appeal to your clients and that they would be happy to hang in a public area.


Desk Pad

For offices, the desk pad comes a close second in popularity. You can either choose a jotter desk pad like this or a full calendar desk pad. Either way your clients are likely to refer to it daily, giving your business a great ROI.


Mouse pad Calendar

There are a couple of options when it comes to the mouse pad calendar, either you can do a printed year calendar on a standard mouse pad, or you can get a paper mouse pad that will allow your clients to jot notes while also using it as a mouse pad, giving it more than one use is bound to make it more usable to your clients!

Unique Promotional Calendars 

Popup desk calendar

 WAZIM-FQPND This Calendar can be shipped flat, and when your customer opens the package it “pop’s up to this awesome shape, it is handy and small enough to fit on even the smallest desks. We love it!

Touchpoint Suspension Calendar


Add a fun twist to the standard calendar with this suspension calendar. Your clients can play with it while on calls, spinning the blocks and then easily line them up to view the date.


A promotional calendar does not have to be a boring everyday item. Contact us and we can help you choose the right calendar that your clients will love!



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