Personal Protection Equipment!

Hand Sanitizer

We have several options of hand sanitizers depending on what your needs are. From individual 1oz & 2oz sizes to larger 8oz – 12oz sizes as well as 1 Gallon containers for industrial use.

Make sure that when you are sourcing / buying hand sanitizer that meets the CDC recommended minimum that has at least 62% alcohol content.

Face Masks

This is our standard disposable face mask made from 3 layers of breathable cloth. It’s a great product for office buildings, care facilities, senior centers, or just for home / residence use.

Plastic Face Shield

This plastic face shield is made of Food Grade clear plastic. This shield provides a barrier directly in front of one’s face. Designed to be able to be used along with respirators, masks, goggles and other protective gear.

Great for Food Service, Drive Throughs, Grocery Stores, Food Delivery companies, Retail Stores, Mail Handlers & Package Delivery Workers.

These products are a preventative measure only and we make no guarantees or warranties, express or implied, that they prevent infection or the transmission of any viruses or diseases.


Best Trade Show Giveaways for 2016

A great giveaway item in your trade show booth can do wonders for your business. If you offer great “swag” that your clients are excited about, not only will it attract them to your booth, chances are they will remember your brand above your competitors in the long term.


Trade show giveaways are about giving attendees a positive impression of your brand so that they will think of your brand above your competitors when they have a need

Tradeshow giveaways are fantastic at getting a conversation started or breaking the ice with new potential clients. The best way to make an impact and increase your ROI at a show is to invest in a unique trade show giveaway that will generate a buzz around your brand or company.


Top tips for maximizing your exposure using Trade show giveaways:

  • Either choose an extremely useful item, or choose something that is unique.
  • consider offering cheaper giveaways available to everyone who stops in your booth (don’t place your giveaway items where attendees can grab the giveaway and go without entering your booth!) and ordering a smaller quantity of a higher quality items to give to more qualified leads.
  • Make the giveaway as relevant to your industry as possible. Turn it into a game / competition and offer a great gift for winners to generate a crowd!
  • Consider putting together a care package with imprinted and non imprinted items such as tissues, hand sanitizer, breath mints and a snack.
  • Make sure your items are consistently branded. Keep to your brand’s color scheme and use the same logo, font etc throughout.
  • Consider sending out invites to your most qualified leads before the trade show inviting them to claim their free gift at your booth.
  • Go with quality over quantity for all of your trade show giveaways. There is no point in investing any money in a cheap item that has a high chance of being thrown away.
  • Make sure you order well in advance to avoid last minute shipping and rush charges!


Here are some great options for a trade show giveaway – 


“Goofy” head pens

If you’re going to use a pen as a trade show giveaway, make sure it is unique or has multiple uses. These Goofy Head Pens are available in several options, our favorite is the bendy cell phone holder / pen. Also available are flash light pens, mop topper screen cleaner pens and other pens with multi uses (we even have one that has a screwdriver attached!)


Lip Balm

A great giveaway at any event, make sure you choose a popular flavor like vanilla or mint. You could even distribute them instead of business cards, including your picture and contact details on the tube!


wau-cc13 USB Car Charger 

Consider spending a bit more to get a USB that shows your logo when it’s plugged in like this one. As this is not a cheap item, reserve it for leads that have been qualified and control distribution of these so that they are given to the right people.



Hot / Cold Packswhf-fg12

These come in some fun shapes and are popular with lots of people!





154_groupKeyring Flashlight

This is a useful item, make sure it is small enough it fits nicely on a keyring as a bulky one may not be used. Finding one specific to your industry is an added bonus!



Cell Phone wallet with Strap

This cell phone wallet sticks to your phone with a 3m backing and includes a finger strap to help keep your phone in place and prevent dropping.





Tote Bag

Nothing is going to get more exposure than a tote bag that is used. Make sure your bag is comfortable to use and attractive. These feather flight bags are a great price and have additional pockets that encourage use! According to the Advertising Specialty Institute impressions study, Bags generate more impressions in the U.S. than any other promotional item. That means more people are going to see your logo!


Bottled Water 

This is an easy and inexpensive giveaway option that any attendee is going to appreciate. There is a risk however that this item won’t leave the trade show – we would recommend having an offer code or special link on the label to encourage at least the label to be kept for future reference.


Wine or Beer

A Lot of business professionals like engraved beer or wine and this would be a unique option to hand out to your qualified leads. Invite them to take it home and enjoy!

A carefully thought out and planned giveaway should be a part of every trade show strategy. Let us help you plan awesome giveaways for your company!


Employee Shirts – invest in your brand!

Providing your staff with a uniform may seem like an added luxury that you can’t afford, but it can pay off in the long run in a number of ways. There are many different options for apparel that can be very cost-effective for your company, here are our top 5 reasons!


  1. Building Staff Morale. Your staff will feel more like a team wearing matching uniforms and it will help foster a
    pride in the workplace. Employee uniforms remove workplace hierarchy and help all staff feel like they are an important part of the team.
  2. Better Brand Exposure. Your employees become “Brand Ambassadors” by wearing their uniforms out and about, locals will start to recognize your brand. Make sure to choose a style and color palette in line with your company’s brand. There are many different color options to choose from a woven S608 with 30 color options to the silk touch polo’s available in 36 colors, there is sure to be a great option to make your brand stand out from the crowd!

    The S608 is a great easy care shirt with wrinkle resistance. and 30 color options!
  3. Improved professionalism. When your employees put on their uniform they will be more likely to leave behind any unprofessional traits and instead take on their “work persona”. They may feel more confident since the stress and worry about choosing what to wear is gone. They are then free to focus on aspects of their work.Nyos image cropped
  4. Comply with safety standards. Depending on your industry, you may be required to comply with OSHA safety standards. We have a range of safety wear, from Flame resistant shirts to safety vests and jackets.

    These cornerstone shirts are ANSI/ISEA 107 Class 2 certified
  5. Increase your profits. The old phrase “You have to spend money to make money” has never been truer than with employee uniforms. When you provide your staff with uniforms, clients are more likely to trust your brand over a mom and pop store and would be willing to pay more for the items or service you provide. Think about spending that bit more to get a top quality uniform that will stay looking newer for longer

Invest in a quality shirt like the RH24 and your employees will be proud to wear your brand!

Remember: even if your company does not have a retail store-front, you can help build your brand awareness and employee morale by investing in employee shirts. Contact us today for a free consultation!



Calendars – Still a great promotional item!

Promotional calendars are the fourth most commonly purchased promotional item in the US, and for good reason. Even in this digital age, many people still choose to have a calendar close at hand and if your business logo is on their calendar, you are getting year round exposure of your brand. There are many different types to choose from, and below are our favorites from the traditional to the unique.

Wall CalendarEFCJF-HZFJO

This is the most common choice as it is the calendar that most people prefer to use.Continue reading “Calendars – Still a great promotional item!”

“Healthy” New Years Promo items

Happy New Year! With the new year comes a rush of New Years Resolutions that most people will; with the greatest intentions, fail to keep to by February 1st. Maximize the initial excitement with products that both encourage health and fitness, and have other uses! Here are our recommendations:



This is a really helpful tool to encourage more activity, for a more useful item this pedometer includes a flashlight and a 95 DB siren so even if your customers don’t continue to count steps, they can still use it for security on those dark nights.

Infusion Water Bottle


Initially your clients can keep their good intentions by adding fruit to their water. Come February first, they can use it to add cherries to their coke or make other delicious soda concoctions. Seriously though, drinkware is a popular choice year-round, so adding this healthy twist to an otherwise ordinary item is bound to be a winner!

Blender Bottle set


Beef up post workout with a healthy protein shake. Or add ice cream, caramel and candy to make yummy milkshakes!

Yoga Mat Set     


Your clients can pretend to enjoy stretching themselves in awkward positions for an hour. Then they can give it to their kids to use as a play doh mat, or they can use it for their dog. Seriously. These make great crate liners and also if you are transporting your large breed dog, lay the yoga mat on the seat and your dog won’t scratch it up!

Sport Duffel Bag


A perfect option, this sport duffel bag can be used both for carrying sports items or whatever your clients want. At 17″ it is not too big and not too small and will have a variety of uses.


The possibilities are endless when you think about alternative uses for products. Most of these suggestions are silly, but the point is that you need to keep in mind how your clients will use the products you give out- the more your items are used, the larger your exposure. By all means get in on the post-Holidays health craze, just try to make sure your items are going to be used and loved in the months thereafter!







Promotional items for Winter

With the weather outside cold enough to keep us all wanting to stay inside, keep your clients warm to your brand by offering items that they can use to help them through the winter months. Your clients will be sure to cherish a thoughtful item sent to them at a traditionally slow time of year, and that will keep your company and services in their thoughts.

Here are some popular items for winter –



While a custom imprinted jacket is a larger investment, it also has a big impact both on your clients (who think you’re awesome)and on others who see your logo on a daily basis. Think about it – while t-shirts are changed every day, most people have just one or two jackets they wear every day. If your jacket is worn every day for a week consider how many people would see your logo!  If you already supply your employees with a uniform, why not take it up a notch and get them a jacket too, then they can proudly support your brand wherever they are.

If your clients or employees are outside around a lot around traffic, consider a safety jacket like this one. Imprinted with your logo it is sure to be a hit.


A more affordable option for winter promotional apparel are hats, and beanies are a great choice for a winter promotional item. Keep your logo small and stylish and your customers are sure to wear your hat with pride! For a twist on the traditional beanie, how about this knit slouch beanie.


UFWGJ-HYAYOBlankets are a luxurious option for your clients to snuggle up and get cozy with your brand at home. Be sure to choose a super soft option like this Micro Mink Sherpa Blanket, with your logo embroidered on the corner.


Coffee mugs


According to the National Coffee Associations 2013 survey, about 83 percent of American adults drink coffee. That means a coffee mug will be useful to the vast majority of people, and even if they don’t drink coffee they may prefer other hot beverages such as tea.  Choose a stylish mug that is easy to drink from and your clients will be sure to keep it around!

Lip Balm

With cold winds comes chapped lips, there are many options to choose from when it comes to imprinted lip balm.

We’re here to help

If you need help deciding on a winter promotional item, feel free to call or email us and we are happy to offer you advice and put together some options for a winter promotion that will keep your clients warm to your brand in these cold winter months.


Welcome to our Blog!

Hi and Welcome! At Nation imprint are excited to be starting a blog. We plan on talking about some great promotional marketing products, sharing ideas to help you promote your business as well as talking about other relevant information in the marketing world.


Who are we?

We are a full service promotional products agency offering a wide range of imprinted products for advertisement, special events, trade shows and more! We are passionate about offering custom products that will deliver a great marketing message for our Customers at a great price.

What do we do?

Business and organizations of all types and sizes rely on Nation imprint for their marketing and event promotions. 

Our company has formed affiliations with the largest network of product suppliers in the world to bring you a virtually unlimited selection of the best promotional products available. 
The best part about our services is they are generally free and without additional cost to the client!

We hope you find our blog posts interesting. Feel free to comment and let us know what you think and what subjects you want to hear about!