Personal Protection Equipment!

Hand Sanitizer

We have several options of hand sanitizers depending on what your needs are. From individual 1oz & 2oz sizes to larger 8oz – 12oz sizes as well as 1 Gallon containers for industrial use.

Make sure that when you are sourcing / buying hand sanitizer that meets the CDC recommended minimum that has at least 62% alcohol content.

Face Masks

This is our standard disposable face mask made from 3 layers of breathable cloth. It’s a great product for office buildings, care facilities, senior centers, or just for home / residence use.

Plastic Face Shield

This plastic face shield is made of Food Grade clear plastic. This shield provides a barrier directly in front of one’s face. Designed to be able to be used along with respirators, masks, goggles and other protective gear.

Great for Food Service, Drive Throughs, Grocery Stores, Food Delivery companies, Retail Stores, Mail Handlers & Package Delivery Workers.

These products are a preventative measure only and we make no guarantees or warranties, express or implied, that they prevent infection or the transmission of any viruses or diseases.


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